Coriolis classical a cappella

Coriolis a cappella

CORIOLIS is a group of talented musicians who love to sing. Our people have extensive experience singing with a large variety of ensembles such as the Chicago Symphony Chorus, the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, the Choral Ensemble of Chicago, the Classic Chorale, the North Shore Choral Society, The Christmas Spirit, Hearing Voices, Blind Man's Bluff, Chicago Voice Exchange, Four Shadow, and many more. Once you've experienced the joy of making beautiful music, you want to keep going. That's what Coriolis has been about for 31 years.

What's your genre?

What's our genre?

  •   classical
  •   a cappella
  •   choral
  •   baroque
  •   renaissance
  •   romantic
  •   modern
  •   religious
  •   inspirational
  •   contemporary
  •   Tudor
  •   chanson
  •   Gregorian
  •   video game
  •   galant
  •   impressionist
  •   neoclassical
  •   collegiate
  •   Harrisonian

We've probably got you covered. Our varied repertoire is chosen to enliven and inspire our performances, to move our audiences, to wallow in complexity, to celebrate the poetry.

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